Seville: Week 3 At-A-Glance

Week 3 in Sevilla, Spain: Wednesday, October 5th – Tuesday, 11th

October 5th: La Giralda, la luna y vino 😊🍷🌟 This is actually the first time I’ve tried white wine in Spain 😳😬 And…I think I’m in love. It’s really good. And it was like 4.50€.

October 6th: A little afternoon outing on the steps of Plaza de la Encarnación. The last time I was in Sevilla, I lived right next to this amazing plaza. And this time around, I’m just a short walk away.💃☕️

My phone is always on “airplane mode” here in Seville and the only time it connects to wi-fi is at my apartment…so this means I’m (for the most part) getting a 6-week phone/technology detox. I’m loving it.

I feel so much less anxious and I’m not in that high-alert-fight-or-flight mode like I am at home a lot of the time. It really has been giving me the opportunity to be much more mindful whenever I am walking around, drinking coffee, eating food or just sitting and relaxing in a public area.

I might accidentally keep it in airplane mode when I return to San Diego 😉

October 6th: Another one of those “I really don’t know what I ordered, but holy shit it was good” kind of nights 😉
October 7th: Lunch with a view ☺️


October 11th: Hola Cadiz 😎💃🏼🍷

A sunny, beautiful start to my week off! (As in, I like actually have an autoresponder for my business email that says “I’m on vacation, I will respond after the 18th” kind of thing😱)

A few nights in Cadiz and then a long weekend with one of my favorite people in Sevilla!💃🏼



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